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Hello, my name is Debbie Potts and I'm a down to earth, diligent, above-and-beyond, fika-loving professional with 30+ years experience in both the corporate legal world and as a School Business Manager, loving what I do!

I am the Founder and CEO of DAP VA Limited. We are a service provider supporting our clients with website and social media needs, Online Business Management and Executive Virtual Assistance. We partner with our clients as we get to know their business and understand what drives them and what is important to them. We know their WHY, their WHAT and their HOW. Their business becomes our business because we choose to work with passion and integrity, having our values and ethos aligned with each other.

Find out more about the fun and quirky person behind DAP VA Limited, my background, my journey thus far and my passion for travel. You can also read more about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Our mission statement is...

We believe that every entrepreneur and business owner should have access to quality business support. Therefore by providing such a service, we here at DAP VA Limited, help entrepreneurs and businesses regain valuable time to focus on what they do best by providing high quality remote online business support in areas such as website, social media and executive assistance. We develop a long-lasting professional relationship which our clients can rely on for years to come!

This is what we do...

We refresh, update and maintain client websites and support them with their social media needs. We help clients to strategize and forecast; to formulate their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and organisational structure; and draft documents so clients don’t have to. In essence, we free up our clients' time so that they can focus on what they do best in their businesses.

We are extremely diligent, agile and professional which means that your business and your reputation will be further enhanced. Why choose to work with us? Because we love what we do and this allows us to do great work!



We take care of all your website redesign and optimisation needs including website updates to ensure a great user experience.

Social Media

Social Media

When used correctly, social media can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. We provide quality social media set up and content management, including creating a scheduler for client use.

Power Hour

Power Hour

A perfect way to give you the maximum amount of value in just one hour! You have exclusive access to my time and 30 years of expertise as I help you to brainstorm, learn more, discuss or focus on areas of your business that need support.

VA Support

VA Support

I’m not your everyday VA. Yes, I can help you with your email and calendar management, document production and keeping you sane. In addition, I also love to learn all the good stuff about your business to provide business and marketing recommendations that allow your brand to reach as many people as possible.


Book a free 20-minute consultation

If you’d like to discuss your business needs or how you think we could support you and bespoke pricing, please do not hesitate to book a free 20-minute consultation.

Book a free consultation

Alternatively, simply give us a call


Bespoke pricing is available on request and start from £40 per hour. Please call to discuss your needs and to find out more about pricing to suit your requirements.


testimonials writer
Debbie made it easy

To put it simply - Debbie is someone you can trust. Fully.

I am so happy I got to work with Debbie, and I am eagerly looking forward to more opportunities to do so. She is a wonderful person and an impeccable professional. As a young entrepreneur, it took me a while to be able to trust anyone with my business - my baby - but Debbie made it easy. She doesn't only have excellent technical skills across the board, she is a wonderful listener and often understood better than I did, what I needed.

Her background and lived experience are so rich and diverse! This allows her to connect with people in a truly genuine way, a skill not many people have, but one which is so so precious, especially to someone in my line of work.

I will always excitedly recommend Debbie to all of my friends and professional connections :)

Katya Veleva - Blush Cloud, UK

testimonials writer
Brilliant business resource

I've been working with Debbie for the better part of a quarter now, and this woman is an absolute powerhouse. If you're looking for an online business manager; an executive assistant who knows what she's about, you need Debbie in your business. She truly is diligent, agile, and passionate - just as she promises - and she goes above and beyond every single time. Throw in the fact that she makes you smile EVERY time you speak with her, always has an innovative solution to difficult problems, and will manage everything from pins to client agreements, and what do you have? An absolutely freaking brilliant business resource.

Synne Lindén - Owner, Lindentree, Sweden

testimonials writer
Professional, knows her stuff

I highly recommend Debbie’s Pinterest Business service . I truly enjoy working with her, she’s lovely, professional, knows her stuff, goes beyond and more with helping you achieve your goals. I love the creation of pins She just has done for me. Thank you Debbie!

Monique Mannen - Actress, Dancer, Producer, Investor and Int’l Speaker on Healthy Living, USA

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