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Future-focused who transforms big ideas into actionable steps

Working with Debbie has been a revelation. Her warm, meticulous, and future-focused approach sets her apart. Her organizational skills, versatility, and attention to detail are tops, reflecting her unique personality, work style and generous spirit.

As someone who leans towards high creativity, strategic thinking, (and no small degree of tangental thinking) I deeply appreciate how Debbie brings down-to-earth, 'rubber meets the road' support. Her ability to translate big ideas into actionable steps is invaluable.

Tim Sweet - TWE, Founder and Principal Leadership Consultant, Canada

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She made me feel special

I was privileged to work with Debbie as she helped me update my Linked in profile, change pictures etc. I was already confident as she came highly recommended. She was brilliant. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and a lovely character as a bonus. We had fun. What could have been an arduous experience for me, as not techie or creative, was actually a pleasure I enjoyed. She will definitely be my go to person to help me in the future. She made me feel special and was very patient with my non techie issues. She put me at my ease so definitley an ongoing realationship. Thank you Debbie.

Ann Phillpot - Team Leader with Forever Living, UK

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Debbie made it easy

To put it simply - Debbie is someone you can trust. Fully.

I am so happy I got to work with Debbie, and I am eagerly looking forward to more opportunities to do so. She is a wonderful person and an impeccable professional. As a young entrepreneur, it took me a while to be able to trust anyone with my business - my baby - but Debbie made it easy. She doesn't only have excellent technical skills across the board, she is a wonderful listener and often understood better than I did, what I needed.

Her background and lived experience are so rich and diverse! This allows her to connect with people in a truly genuine way, a skill not many people have, but one which is so so precious, especially to someone in my line of work.

I will always excitedly recommend Debbie to all of my friends and professional connections :)

Katya Veleva - Blush Cloud, UK

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Brilliant business resource

I've been working with Debbie for the better part of a quarter now, and this woman is an absolute powerhouse. If you're looking for an online business manager; an executive assistant who knows what she's about, you need Debbie in your business. She truly is diligent, agile, and passionate - just as she promises - and she goes above and beyond every single time. Throw in the fact that she makes you smile EVERY time you speak with her, always has an innovative solution to difficult problems, and will manage everything from pins to client agreements, and what do you have? An absolutely freaking brilliant business resource.

Synne Lindén - Owner, Lindentree, Sweden

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Professional, knows her stuff

I highly recommend Debbie’s Pinterest Business service . I truly enjoy working with her, she’s lovely, professional, knows her stuff, goes beyond and more with helping you achieve your goals. I love the creation of pins She just has done for me. Thank you Debbie!

Monique Mannen - Actress, Dancer, Producer, Investor and Int’l Speaker on Healthy Living, USA

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She always has a solution

To work with Debbie is filled with ease, love and power. Her standard is high and the result with Pinterest is quite amazing! She always has a solution and the right mindset and core values. For me that is crucial. My brand is now global and more visible and our journey has just begun. She is my dream VA. All categories.

Jaya Jankert - Owner, Empowered by Jaya, Sweden

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Professional, organized, and intuitive

I'm so happy to have found Debbie to help me start my business! She understands my vision and executes every task thoroughly and even presents ideas I haven't thought of yet. I'm looking forward to continuing working with her on more projects in the future and highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who is professional, organized, and intuitive.

Tiffany L. - Owner, Suro Shop, USA

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Makes you feel so fabulous

I want to give a shout out to Debbie Potts at DAPVA Limited - if you're a solopreneur or entrepreneur, and if you haven't connected with her yet, do yourself a favor and connect with her to find out how she is helping business owners drive traffic to their websites! Thank you Debbie, I appreciate who you are, what you do and everything that makes you so fabulous! I love my work and you have given me yet another opportunity to reach people I may not have reached without your expertise! After following your guidelines, my website traffic increase 58.3% in 2 days! WOW

Nancy Mueller - Owner, Mastering your beliefs, USA

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Marvellous Debbie!

Marvellous Debbie. You introduced me to Pinterest and through a smart start-up package I got it all set up in the correct way. During the last session we had online you said that I could expect my website traffic to increase. Here´s what happened; The traffic to my website has increased with 1500% in 5 weeks!! I´m so happy that I listened to your recommendation about branding "Feelgoodtanten" on Pinterest. It´s been great to work with you Debbie and I really recommend anyyone who wants to drive traffic to their website to connect with you. Big thank you.

Marie Öholm - Feelgoodtanten, Sweden/Portugal

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Exceptional organisation and communication skills

I have worked with Debbie for a number of years and she is a highly competent Business Manager. She has exceptional organisation and communication skills within a broad skill set. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

James Taylor - IT Consultant at Jartech Consultants Ltd, UK

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Professional, reliable and passionate

Debbie and I work together on our VA businesses. I love to collaborate with Debbie as she is professional, reliable, passionate and always willing to help.

To mention a specific project, I had a Pinterest training session with Debbie and with her enthusiastic and pro-active attitude she guided me through all the important foundation processes of setting up my business Pinterest profile with patience and dedication. Debbie's knowledge and preparation are very impressive. I very much have enjoyed the session and I would definitely recommend working with Debbie.

Veronica D - V-Assistant Services, UK

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Professional and admirable

It was a pleasure working with Debbie in appointing a new catering partner for St Francis of Assisi and Servite RC Primary Schools. The process was well balanced between the delivery of sustainable operational and financial excellence along with delivering a great pupil experience. I found Debbie's commitment to achieve the best outcomes for the schools and the local communities, to be both professional and admirable.

Gideon Smith - Spires Catering Consultancy, UK

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Innovative and efficient

Debbie constantly looks for new ways to innovate and automate workloads to help make things more efficient for schools and admin teams. It was a breath of fresh air (and a lot of fun) to be managed by her. I learnt lots about hard work, time and people management and how to implement processes effectively.

Olivia O’Brien - Head of Brand Huggg, UK

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Experienced and impactful

Debbie is an experienced school business manager who makes a rapid and sustained impact upon the organisations she works in. She is adept at both designing systems and managing change. Debbie works alongside a range of stakeholders from parents to the Local Authority and is committed to building the capacity of the schools that she works in.

Simon Atkinson - Headteacher, UK