Power Hour Service

Maximise the value of your time with our Power Hour Service – a tailored, one-hour session focused entirely on addressing your business needs. You'll gain exclusive access to 30+ years of expertise and insights as we collaborate to identify areas of growth and improvement for your business.

Your Personalised Power Hour

During this dedicated session, we can explore a range of topics or focus on specific areas where you need support. Some topics we can cover include:

  • Exploring the benefits of hiring a VA for your business
  • Identifying tasks to delegate to a VA
  • Strategies to increase brand awareness
  • Analysing and improving your website
  • Understanding the significance of SEO and backlinks
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Harnessing social media marketing for business growth
  • Utilising Pinterest for business success
  • Crafting a unique and professional LinkedIn profile aligned with your business goals


Experience the value of a Power Hour for just £120.

Discover our other services or book your Power Hour directly below. Elevate your business with the support and expertise of DAP VA Limited.

See our other services or book a Power Hour directly below.