A Poem about 'Mum'

by Mhairi Potts-Wyatt
13 July 2020

It seems no matter how old you get
You will always want your mother
She’s the one I’m always rushing to
In some way or another:
To talk to when I’m in distress
Or ask for help when my life’s a mess
To feed me when I’m feeling greedy
Push me away when I’m being too needy
To teach me lessons all the time
She’s the reason I’m so good with rhyme
Her sacrifices don’t go to waste
Even though my cooking still has no taste
To show me how to stand on my own
But is the one to assure me I am not alone
No matter how far I wander or roam
My mum always welcomes me back into her home
With her jokes and lightheartedness to keep you going
Around her, I will never stop growing
In some way or another, everything I have become
Has always been thanks to my mum