Love in the Time of Coronavirus - part 2

by Tom Keegan
14 June 2021

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Mr.X here updating the original but by no means finishing the story…

Picking up where we left off, we were meeting for our first date after a multitude of virtual dates. With everything closed, the options were a park or well, a street corner. Though ‘hanging out on a street corner’ didn’t sound like an acceptable proposition even to my clueless dating experience.

Two main worries beforehand were, would the conversation still flow in person and how would one relieve themselves with everything in and around the park closed. A small amount of alcohol would help with the first problem but would make the second worse. So, we attempted the date without alcohol but we were in luck. Conversation flowed, stories shared and enjoyed. Feelings could blossom now that first meeting was successful.

Over a year since that day in the park, and many more dates, we are a happy couple (I certainly am) with plans to move in together. Covid provided other odd challenges along the way. It’s hard to get to know each other’s family and friends when you can’t meet them. In fact, when Kaylene finally got to meet my parents the first hour was spent in the garden, it also included poking a stick up the nose. Test passed and a good time was had by all but an odd introduction.

All being said, problems of bathrooms and first encounters being our only difficulties with covid, we count ourselves very fortunate.

I wouldn’t profess to have learnt any tips or tricks from our experience that would be useful to pass on to others. Merely a message continued from part one, even during these uncertain difficult and challenging times, dating is possible, love is possible and there is always something to be hopeful about.